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ULTRAFi Makes Life ULTRA Great!

Designed by Metro Places, ULTRAFi communities are unique to the Tampa Bay area. The first of their kind, ULTRAFi communities are equipped with community-wide WiFi access and up to 1 Gigabit of speed for your connection needs- which means you get the fastest internet connection available in North America!

Waterleaf, a unique Metro Places community in Riverview, is now capable of receiving a free ULTRAFi upgrade that will allow residents to connect faster, smarter and simpler for a more connected life. Your upgrade includes a new router and additional access points in your home – which boosts WiFi coverage and internet speed, so you can connect faster and stronger than ever!

As a Metro Places community with community-wide WiFi access, residents of Waterleaf are able to connect to ULTRAFi anywhere in the neighborhood. You can stay connected to work, home, family and friends anywhere you please within the gated community of Waterleaf. Whether you’re at the dog park, one of the awesome sport courts, hiking one of the many nature trails or poolside at the community center – you have the fastest internet at your fingertips!

Ultra Speed, Ultra Smart and Ultra Simple – ULTRAFi packages are for those living the sweet life in Waterleaf. What was once a $50.00 a month package upgrade is now free! Enjoy less lag time and say goodbye to buffering with the most innovative technology in internet connectivity at your home in Waterleaf!

Contact Brighthouse to schedule your free upgrade by visiting brighthouse.com/waterleaf.html or calling 1-855-285-3020.