Trailblazing around the Waterleaf Community

Need to get your heart rate pumping, muscles moving, and clear your head after a busy day at work? Go for a leisurely walk, jog or run through Waterleaf’s trails. Whether you’re looking for a calorie burning workout or a peaceful walk with nature, these trails offer it all. Most trails have various fitness stations along the way for that extra challenge, but there are also benches in several locations for any needed rest or reflection with nature.

Waterleaf Trails

Competing in the Florida race season this year? Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned runner, each trail offers different distances for all levels. Here is a great training guide to get you started! In no time, you will be crossing that finish line with your hands in the air! And then, you will be back on the trails at Waterleaf, training for the next one!

waterleaf-trailsIf you need to decompress from the day or take some time to relax, bring yourself back to center by taking a seat on one of the benches and listen to the birds chirp, or the rustle of the leaves in the trees. Go for a walk around the trail and nature-watch along the way. According to, being outside with nature has many health benefits. Sit, breathe, and take in the natural beauty around the Waterleaf community.

The trails are also dog friendly, so you can enjoy them with your canine companion. Please make sure they stay on their leash at all times.

So get out there, get moving and get centered. Make sure to take a picture of you getting active and share it with us on our Facebook page! Like us on Facebook and visit our website to stay involved in the community.