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Take Your Fitness Routine Outside in Waterleaf’s ULTRAFi Connected Community!

Waterleaf is a family community that offers residents luxury living with top-notch amenities designed to keep families connected to nature and technology. Throughout Waterleaf, you will find nature trail systems, playgrounds, fitness stations, a resort-style pool and even an open-air clubhouse for your outdoor enjoyment. In addition to amenities that help keep you connected to nature, Waterleaf is equipped with the nation’s fastest in-home internet and community wide WiFi, so you can connect with nature while staying connected, no matter where you are within Waterleaf!.

This year, if you have made a resolution to get fit or to enhance your health through exercise, there is no better place to meet your goals than at Waterleaf. Don’t stress expensive gym memberships or training classes- just download one of this year’s hottest fitness apps and take your workout outdoors.

It’s a new year and there’s no better time to download a new app for a new you! Utilize Waterleaf’s wonderful outdoor amenities and ULTRAFi network to get outside and get in shape!

MapMyFitness provides real-time tracking of all your outdoor activities including running, walking, biking,rollerblading and more.

Tribesports is a fitness app that offers over 12,000 sports, health, nutrition and fitness challenges to help you stay motivated while reaching for your goals. You can check out all Tribesports workouts at http://community.tribesports.com/workouts.

Zombies, Run! is an interactive audio adventure and game that challenges you to complete missions, while zombies chase behind you. This app is a little silly, but definitely entertaining and makes your run more fun!

12 Minute Athlete provides high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that are proven to be effective and require minimal equipment. Enjoy twelve minute workouts with full demonstrations of each movement.