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Stay Connected and On Top of Your New Year’s Goals With ULTRAFi!

As an exclusive ULTRAFi community, the Waterleaf development in Riverview offers residents access to the nation’s hottest hot spot and fastest internet speeds available in North America. With the fastest connectivity available community wide and numerous amenities to keep you active, Waterleaf offers the perfect atmosphere to help you keep up with your new year’s resolutions.

One of our favorite things about ULTRAFi’s ultra fast connectivity is that you are able to access the internet anywhere in the Waterleaf community. This means you can tap into the boundless fitness resources available online wherever you are in your neighborhood! Stay connected with ULTRAFi whether you are working out at one of the many fitness stations with calisthenic exercises, tracking your mileage on a gorgeous nature trail or following an online yoga instructor at one of Waterleaf’s gorgeous tree-filled parks.

A great way to keep up with your fitness progress and health goals is to start a fitness journal. Take the time to create an e-journal that includes motivational quotes, how you’re feeling that day and keep track of your progress for inspiration. Include your moods, reasons you chose to complete your workout, reasons you missed a day, etc.. A fitness journal can be whatever you want it to be – make it yours and make it fun!

Check out these user friendly online fitness journals that will help you meet your goals this year! The best part? You can access them anywhere within the Waterleaf community using the fastest internet around!