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What To Know For Hosting Thanksgiving In Your Home

Hosting Thanksgiving in your home, especially if for the first time, can seem like a daunting task. We’ve come up with some essential tips on how to make things run smoothly and help you create the perfect environment for friends and family, while being able to enjoy yourself this holiday season!

Get A Head Count. Find out who will be joining you this Thanksgiving to help the process of planning. It will make your shopping list easier and help you decide how to arrange your table to accommodate people and all the delicious food you’ll be serving.

Don’t Turn Down Help! The great thing about Thanksgiving is that oftentimes people want to bring a dish and help out with the cooking. Pick some dishes that you know you love to make and delegate the rest to friends and family. No shame in sharing the workload!

Start Early On Non-Food Prep! You’ll probably be using your best china and favorite serving dishes, so it’s never too early to pull them out and clean them up. Plus, getting a head start on prepping these items will help you know if you need anything extra – like that beautiful new rustic wood platter you’ve had your eye on!

Set The Table A Day Ahead! Placing all your plates, glasses and utensils out the night before will help ease the stress the day of. You can even set up where you want to place each dish on the table or bar. You’ll be inspired by how beautiful your table looks and getting it finishes is just one more check off the to-do list.

Enjoy The Spirit of The Holidays! Put your favorite holiday outfit on, throw on some jazz, light some candles and relax! Enjoy the time of gathering and give thanks for the abundance in your life and home.

Take a moment of reflection during moments of stress and remember that this holiday is about graciousness and thanks. You have a beautiful home in Waterleaf and the holidays give you a great reason to show it off!