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February is for the Heart- Jumpstart Your Heart Health Now!

With heart disease being the number one killer in America, in both men and women – focusing on heart health has never been more important. Healthy eating is the first step towards heart health, so we have come up with some easy pantry solutions that you can begin implementing this month for an optimal heart healthy diet.


Add High Fiber Foods into your kitchen. Start off by stocking your pantry with bulk dried nuts, seeds and whole grains. Having a few pretty jars to display brown rice, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, etc. will help you store your bulk items, so you can see them and reach for the heart healthy ingredients for cooking additions or snacking.


Add More Veggies by visiting your local farmers market. Stock up on salad fixings that include fresh lettuce, dark leafy greens (kale), arugula and cabbage. We suggest pre-cutting carrots, radicchio, cabbage, broccoli and other crunchy vegetables to have on hand to add to salads for a bright and colorful lunch.


Cut Back on Meat. Try to cut down your red meat intake to twice a week or less. You would be surprised at how many delicious vegetarian meals you can implement into your diet to replace meat. Try a sweet potato, black bean chili or make veggie lasagna for your family. In addition to cutting back on red meat, try to add in some healthy fish like tuna or salmon into your weekly menu. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are proven to help lower the risk of heart disease.


Cut Out Sugar, especially those that are processed. Use raw honey or organic maple syrup for sweetener. If you are a dessert person, try creating a delicious sugar-free dessert with blended bananas, avocado and raw cacao powder – better than your average sugar-filled chocolate pudding and fun to make!